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p42svn improvements


Author jusansai
Full name Chris Thomas
Date 2007-05-11 12:37:00 PDT
Message This patch implements a few things I needed for converting part of an
existing large Perforce depot:

New command line options:

1. '--verbose' provides running status without the overwhelming output
of '--debug'.

2. '--changelist-start' and '--changelist-end' limit the range of
dumped changelists. This is useful for incrementally dumping the

3. '--dry-run' command line switch avoids downloading file contents
from the Perforce server; this allows you to quickly preflight to make
sure everything will be successful. Especially important for depots
containing large binaries.

Other features/fixes:

4. Tolerance for corrupt changelists. I discovered that one of the
early changelists in our depot is corrupt, but none of the later ones
are. If errors with a particular changelist are encountered, we simply
skip the offending changelist. (It may be wise to make this an option
rather than default behavior.)

5. Directory pathnames need trailing slashes removed, or Subversion
will reject them -- it does not consider them 'canonical'...

6. When adding parent directories, don't add root ("/"). Subversion
creates new repositories with the root directory, which will cause
import to fail unless you use "svndumpfilter include".

I'm using Subversion 1.4.2 for this import. It's possible that other
versions may behave differently with regard to the last two items.


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p42svn improvements jusansai Chris Thomas 2007-05-11 12:37:00 PDT
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